Passerelle des arts panoramic Institut de France 360


Joining the Louvre at the Institut de France, the Gateway Arts has always been reserved for pedestrians. Several times damaged by barges it was completely rebuilt from 1982 to 1984. Work of Louis Arretche, echoing the appearance of the old structure but more adapting to the requirements of navigation. 360° pictures paris bridges.

On the Quai Conti, the Gateway Arts, casts an eye on the famous green boxes bookshops selling prints, magazines, used books and occupying part of the two banks of the Seine. Basically, the Institut de France, where sit the "five academies" and stands near his library on the cenotaph of Cardinal Mazarin. We notice immediately the dome of the chapel where, "under the dome," were conducted sittings of the French Academy. paris quicktime vr


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